Why to Hire SMO Service in Charlotte, NC for your Business?

These days, SMO or social media optimization has become an important strategy, which is used by many businesses to promote or market their brand, products or services online. Social media optimization or SMO has evolved as an effective internet marketing strategy that promotes your brand name and increase your online visibility on the world wide web. A professional SMO or social media optimization service uses all the trending Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more to create brand awareness about a particular business, product or service.

It is believed that businesses that do not use SMO service are considered to be losing out 60 percent of their potential customers (who constantly surf social media sites). Today in Charlotte, NC, social media optimization is the known as one of the strongest mediums to get the most amount of organic traffic to your business website by posting engaging videos, RSS feeds, images and others.


Here are some useful points that states the importance of hiring a professional SMO service for promoting your Charlotte, NC business online, please have a look!

1. Buildup a Strong Brand Awareness:

In this internet age, everybody is glued to the social networking sites, which make these platforms as one of the best places to promote your brand, product or services and reach the targeted audience. The social media optimization or SMO acts as an effective brand building tool that helps businesses in Charlotte, NC to associate with their followers and gain an increase in online visibility. Through blogging, discussions and polling on various social media platforms about your brand will help you reach to the targeted audience and enjoy an increase in conversion rate.

2. Be Interactive:

With a SMO service, you will get the best social media channels to connect and communicate with your potential customers. Having a separate Twitter account or a Facebook page for your brand ensures in building a better communication with your customers and improve the marketing strategies. The SMO service will not only help in reaching your customers, but also build up an effective interactive approach, which proves to be great for you.

3. Gain a Competitive Edge:

As a powerful tool, social media optimization will help your business in Charlotte, NC to gain a competitive edge and lead the market. With a professional SMO service, you can highlight the distinctive features of your business, which will attract huge traffic to the website and increase conversion rate.

No doubt, the social media optimization or SMO service is a wonderful way to gain a powerful business presence and reach out to a large audience. King’s Marketing offers professional SMO services in Charlotte, NC that ensures a significant increase in the traffic and expands the business reach. As a reputable SMM company in Charlotte, NC that have dedicated and experienced professionals who will efficiently handle and execute your social media optimization campaign for your business.

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3 Web Design Tips To Accomplish A Professional Looking Website

Just like fashion, web design is changing frequently with trends & fads coming and going. When it’s about crafting a website that’ll leave a great first impression, you’ll always wish to keep everything updated and on trend. After all, when you’re going to attend an interview, don’t you wish to look your best.

Below mentioned are a few important web design tips that you must want to keep in mind before looking for a company that offer professional website design in Charlotte NC:


Keep your website clean & free of clutters:

The globe around us has turned out to be rather fuddled and the Internet is no exemption. Banners, Ads, badges, icons, pop-ups, and signs – sometimes it get a little heavier. So why don’t you offer the visitors to your site a break from all those clutters? Adapting things such as flat design & white space can do miracles in terms of your website visitor experience. Strive to keep the whole thing simple or minimal with only your most crucial content highlighted. Sometimes less actually means more.


Put visual hierarchy to effect:

What is visual hierarchy?Well, It is a term that generally signifies our eyes pay attention to web space in a particular pattern – a pattern that can assist you optimise crucial content on your website. For instance, if you produce a ‘sign-up now’ button, you probably wish it to be clicked by as many visitors as possible and follow through with the sign up procedure. Visual hierarchy notifies us that the eyes move left to right and top to bottom. This signifies you will acquire the most eyes in your button in the top-left corner of your website, and those curious eyes could very well mean a large number of clicks. Keep in mind to only place your most vital content in these desirable place – because if you place excessive in one spot your visitors will be overpowered and you will not find the outcome you are targeting for.


Make your text simple to interpret:

Text is vital. It is there to offer info and answer queries even prior to they have been inquired. There’re a few straight-forward principles you can stick with to keep your website text clear to the readers:


  • Don’t employ uber-tiny front size: Though it might appear cute but it isn’t just practical. Ensure your viewers won’t require a magnifying glass to read your message.

  • Stand with your fonts: Develop a theme and even craft a brand where your website sticks to no more than 3 fonts. For additional points, ensure the fonts you pick are reader friendly and don’t make your visitors speculating if they are reading an alien language.

  • Ensure your colors work together: For instance, placing cream colored text over a white-background will leave your website visitors with a headache, eventually push them to leave your site sooner than later. Ensure to double check all your text for its simplicity of readability.


Are you looking for more website design tips? Stay tuned with King’s Marketing – a leading web design marketing company based in Charlotte NC.

Top Reasons To Consider Digital Marketing Strategy For Your business

Does Your Business Have a Digital Marketing Strategy?


In simplistic terms, digital marketing is nothing but the promotion of products, brands or services through one or more than one form of electronic media. The main objective of digital marketing is to promote brands, build preferences and increase sales through several marketing strategies.


Why Do You Need a Digital marketing Strategy?


Without this Tactic You’ll Directionless. I find that business without a digital marketing strategy, usually doesn’t have an obvious strategic goal for what they want to achieve online in terms of garnering the popularity of their brands from their prospective customers or building a strong bonding with their existing clients.




Existing and Start-up Competitors Will Obtain Market Share. If you don’t enough sources for digital marketing of you’re using an unplanned way with no clearly defined strategies, then it’s quite obvious that your competitors will eat your digital lunch for sure!


You Don’t get Any Strong Online Value Proposition. A clearly defined online customer value proposition will assist you differentiate your online services, encouraging both existing and new customers to engage on an initial basis and stay loyal to your brand.


You Don’t Have Any Idea About Your Online Customers. Most often, it’s said that going digital is the most measurable medium forever. But Google Analytics will only tell you volumes not the sentiments. You need to sue user feedback tools to know your limitations and then try to fix them right away.


Digital Marketing Does Not Have Enough People Or Budget Given Its Importance. Inadequate resources will be dedicated to both your planning and executing your e-marketing strategies and there is a lack of specific e-marketing skills which makes it difficult to respond to the competitive threats effectively.


You’re Wasting More Time and Money Through Duplication. Even if you have sufficient resources, it can be wasted. Particularly, in the larger companies you see different parts of the marketing enterprise buying different tools or using multiple agencies for performing similar online marketing.


You’re Not Optimizing Your Website. Every company has a website; which must have analytics. But many senior managers don’t make sure that their team make or have the time to review or take necessary action on them. Whenever, a strategy can enable you to get the basics, you can make continuous improvement of the main aspects like search engine marketing, user experience, email and social media marketing.


Web Design




Are you in need of a digital marketing specialist? If yes, then you should take the help from the marketing firm in Charlotte, NC, Kings Marketing to ensure a better online visibility and enhanced keyword rankings. After all, with our marketing firm, you’ll get to enjoy maximum productivity of sales and a great array of online branding. For more help, feel free to contact us today or request a free quote today! For more updates and notifications, stay connected with us on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter , pinterest, Reddit, Diigo, Delicious, pages.

Important SEO Checklists For E-Commerce Sites

SEOs have similar responsibilities to execute despite of the company, in most of the cases. But if you’re not dealing with a specific group of people and your customer field is diverse, then you have to be a lot specific. As per the need of the hour, the best seo company in Charlotte NC must be consulted.


While dealing with an e-commerce website, the most vital point is that you should be directing the clients to the most appropriate content. This is very essential due to the configuration of the e-commerce websites. They encompass diverse pages and the visitors require to be directed to the place where they can be outlined in the sales channel. So, go through the below mentioned checklist and ask your SEO company in Charlotte NC to pay special attention to those.


wordle 2

Social Media:

As the whole world is communicating via social media, your social media presence is a must. The visitors must be able to allowed to share the content viewed and this’ll offer you a boost in authority & popularity as well.

  • You should have sharable content

  • The sharing should be easy and the share button must be readily accessible.


Keywords are undeniably the most vital point associated to searching. You should have a firmer grip on the important keywords as your website must be flashing on the 1st page, amongst the top results and for this you should be optimizing the appropriate keywords. This actually decides your ranking.

  • The targeted keywords should be researched in details.

  • You every page must be emphasizing on some primary keywords and this must be putted in while developing the structure of your e-commerce site.

  • Your brand name should be reflected on your home page, so when a customer searching about your service find the exact information.

Internal Links:

Internal links are indeed the joining components of diverse pages of your site and unlike the earlier times, firms are being penalized for over optimizing the internal links. You should ignore excessive linking with your home page. Rather try to make the links more appropriate.

Page Content:

This is the actual part that’s evaluated by the viewers, the info you supply them with and it actually encompass everything noticeable on your page alongside the blog content.



  • The main content should comprise the primary and relevant terms alongside secondary keywords.

  • The content must be unique and must be made innovative with the interviews, surveys and info graphics.

Contact King’s Marketing- the best SEO Company in Charlotte, NC for all your SEO needs. We offer advanced SEO solutions that will not just improve your Google ranking but improve your actual profit as well. For more info, about our service, visit Or you can stay connected with us on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter , pinterest, Reddit, Diigo, Delicious, pages.

Top Benefits of Hiring SEO Service in Charlotte NC

Are you a small business owner in Charlotte NC? Have you ever heard about SEO or search engine optimization in Charlotte NC? Want to know how SEO service will prove to be effective for your business in Charlotte NC?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a specialized research-driven process that analyzes and optimizes your Charlotte NC based business website that will increase the rankings for specific search terms in search engines. SEO allows you to be found by global or local markets and maximize your business efforts.

So, let us discuss about: How SEO will prove to be effective for your Charlotte NC business? Or what are the benefits of search engine optimization service?

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#Benefit 1- Enjoy a Competitive Advantage:

Whether you are running a business from small rented property or home in Charlotte NC, the advances in the internet will help you get customers or clients with a powerful SEO service. To carve out a presence online and secure top ranking in search engine page results, search engine optimization will prove effective. This will help you outshine your competitors and be in front of your target market.

#Benefit 2- Cost Effective Campaign:

SEO for small to medium businesses in Charlotte NC will prove to be cost effective way of improving your business website’s visibility. Compared to expensive conventional marketing campaign, SEO service for your business in Charlotte NC will prove to be profitable and low cost.

#Benefit 3- Good Local Exposure:

For any business in Charlotte NC, local exposure and brand awareness is crucial, which helps in capitalizing limited market. Whether you are a plumbing company or pizza shop in Charlotte NC, search engine optimization service will take near to the target customers. SEO service will ensure that your name will appear first when people search for local service.

#Benefit 4- Increase in Return on Investment (ROI):

By making a small investment on an effective SEO service will deliver significant impact that will result in yielding great return on investment. Utilizing effective SEO techniques the digital marketing professionals will help in increasing an organic traffic to your website that will lead to conversion and increase your sales lead, which in-turn will result in reaping great ROI.


Businesses can opt for a powerful and effective SEO service in Charlotte NC from King’s Marketing. We are one of the reputable and competent marketing firms in Charlotte NC that strive hard to help you in achieving your desired business goal. Our expert SEO consultant will plan and implement unique and proven strategies that will offer best results for your business in Charlotte NC. For more updates and notifications, stay connected with us on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter , pinterest, Reddit, Diigo, Delicious, pages.